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E-commerce Accelerator

Welcome to Luke's mentorship program. This is by no means a program for faint of heart. If you're one to give up or get bored after a little bit of hard work, it's not a problem. But this program is definitely not for you. We're looking for hungry and elite, tier-one "go-getters" for this program. And if that's you, get ready to change your life forever, because by the time you're done reading this paragraph, you will have begun your journey to lasting financial freedom.

My program is so much more than your average "Guru course". When you join, you gain access to my entire team of talented media buyers, designers, and sourcing agents, as well as all of my other resources. But remember, you must be committed to remain my my program. I will never waste my people on half-baked effort.

Together we will embark on what it takes to build an e-commerce business from ideation all the way to scaling and even exiting in some cases. We will cover everything from product research, store development and testing, all the way to advertising strategy and scaling ad campaigns.

Accelerator Breakdown

This program is broken down into six different modules: Product Research, Store Development, Product Testing, Ad Creative Development, FaceBook Ad Strategy Development, and Ad Campaign Scaling, respectively. This program isn't for the faint of heart. We're scouting the elite, the upper echelon, and the tier one doers. We want students who are hungry to not only learn, but who are open and willing to failure. This accelerator program will be no easy feat. That is why we encourage only those who are the best to inquire about our program.

Think you're fit for the program?